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american standard version wikipedia - the american standard version which was also known as the american revision of 1901 is rooted in the work begun in 1870 to revise the authorized version king james bible of 1611, new american standard new testament with psalms and - 3 5 8 x 5 1 4 trim size perfect size for pocket or purse black letter edition discover the truth in the inspired word of god by reading the new american standard bible the updated edition continues the nasb s commitment to accuracy while increasing clarity and read, holy bible new revised standard version blue with the - holy bible new revised standard version blue with the apocrypha hendrickson publishers on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers though they are regularly used in both protestant and roman catholic congregations the books of the apocrypha are difficult to find in affordable english bibles today until now p readers will enjoy, new jerusalem bible wikipedia - the new jerusalem bible njb is an english language translation of the bible published in 1985 by darton longman and todd and les editions du cerf edited by henry wansbrough and approved for use in study and personal devotion by roman catholics, william morford one new man bible - in john 14 30 in the onm bible it says and i shall no longer speak many things with you for the prince of the world is coming and he does not have any part with me what does that mean, bible gateway passage john 1 new american standard bible - john 1 new american standard bible nasb the deity of jesus christ 1 in the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was god 2 he was in the beginning with god 3 all things came into being through him and apart from him nothing came into being that has come into being 4 in him was life and the life was the light, one year chronological bible weekly readings - welcome to oneyearbibleonline com the original one year chronological bible weekly readings for those desiring to read through the bible in one year, scripture index working preacher - old testament genesis genesis 1 1 5 genesis 1 1 5 commentary by valerie bridgeman 01 07 2018 baptism of our lord whenever i teach hebrew language i always give students genesis 1 1 6 to read before they know much more than the alef bet and how to form sounds in the language